Supercharge Your Sales Team.

Create, organize, and share target audience data, messaging, brand, market positioning and competitor intelligence.

Give new and experienced sales team members the information and tools to close deals.


Market Intelligence

Breakthrough helps sales teams rapidly understand and monitor their prospects and gain insights into the competitive landscape.

Sales messaging that resonates needs to be precise, focused, and deliver a level of personalization that can only be done with this deep understanding.

Breakthrough provides a suite of tools including audience personas, messaging, brand, and market positioning to help you intimately understand your target market.

Define Your


Breakthrough ensures you know everything about who you sell to.


Audience Personas define the motivations, pains, channels, and a wide range of other key information.


Reduce sales friction by speaking directly to your prospect's needs and wants. 

Organize Your


Everyone in and around your agency needs access to your client's brand assets.


Breakthrough helps you not only catalog your clients’ most important brand assets but structure them with a purpose to help keep all members of your team and theirs on the same page.


Organize everything from fonts and logos to imagery and files all in one place.

Build Your Client's


We’ve evolved methodologies into sleek, real-time, collaborative exercises for your clients to build your strategic plan with an all-hands-on-deck approach.


The foundation for your success is built on delivering clear, focused, purposeful, and actionable growth strategies that produce results for your clients.


Breakthrough helps align your team and clients, gain marketing traction, to deliver improved marketing results that thrill your customers.

Who Should Breakthrough

Breakthrough benefits your client’s cross-functional teams and throughout your agency.
A cross-functional strategic planning platform.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Wouldn't you like to know your client's target audience better? Marketing needs to be precise when it comes to who their client's targets are in order for it to work. Breakthrough ensures that your agency knows everything about who their clients sell to and can tailor the marketing material and advertising campaign towards them.

Marketing Agencies use Breakthrough because they need this deep understanding of who their client's target is in order for the marketing material they create, or advertisements they make, to resonate with the people that will buy their product.

With Breakthrough’s collaborative tools, your entire team and clients have access to real-time information about their organization at their fingertips.

Marketing Consultants

Breakthrough helps Marketing Consultants to understand their clients better and grow their strategies to improve results.


The foundation for success is having clear, focused, and actionable growth strategies that produce results for your clients.


Breakthrough's tools will tie together everything in one place so all members of the team know who they're targeting and what they want them to do next.

How People Use Breakthrough

Define, communicate, and collaborate across teams and partners.

Software for

Strategic Planning

Seamlessly create a strategic plan across your client’s market, brand, marketing, and sales teams.

Software for

Brand Guides

Share your client's market strategy, messaging, identity, and more with your team and key client stakeholders to create a consistent brand.

Software for


Quickly and clearly understand your new clients, their audiences, and what they need to do to be successful.

The Breakthrough Story Started in 2002.

We believe that the right strategy gives teams purpose and aligns them towards common goals to achieve success.

Breakthrough is a platform developed by a leading consulting firm, Insivia. Years of working with hundreds of organizations across culture, operations, brand, sales, and customer experience led us to create a logical, exercise-based approach to strategic planning that was ripe to be built into a self-service platform.


What makes our platform powerful for organizations is our methodologies are built-in as step-by-step exercises to produce strategic outcomes. Combine that with real-time collaboration across teams to get feedback to have a constantly evolving plan.


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