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SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that offers functionality for the entire sales organization. SalesLoft’s brand guide is detailed and well-designed. The brand guide includes: About Tone of Voice Logo Usage Symbol Usage Clear Space Design Principles Logo Misuse Color Palette Typography Graphic Elements Illustrations Imagery Templates Brand Application Examples



Adobe develops digital media and digital marketing software. Adobe’s brand guide is detailed and clear. The brand guide includes: Company Mission Brand Personality Brand Name Usage Logo Variations Logo Usage Clear Space and Minimum Size Printed Materials Brand Application Examples Logo Misuse Imagery Photography Infographics Iconography Typography Logotype Usage Product Logos Templates Trademark Rules Editorial […]

Article is a career website that serves information technology and engineering professionals, as well as contract and permanent engineering staffing firms. Dice’s brand guide is a web page that includes examples, basic templates and documentation. The guide also includes: Brand Identity Logo Applications Logo Usage Tone of Voice Unacceptable Tones Color Palette Typography Mockup Templates