Section: Brand Color



USRobotics is a producer of computer modems and other telecommunication devices. USRobotics’ brand guide is clean and brief. The brand guide includes: Logo Size and Color Logo Usage Clear Space Logo Misuse Brand Name Usage Color Palette Typography Photography Visual Elements Brand Application Examples General Rules



Uber is a platform where those who drive and deliver can connect with riders, eaters, and restaurants. Uber’s brand guide consists of 9 core elements and respective web pages. It’s elegant, detailed and well-constructed. The brand guide includes: Logo Construction Clear Space & Exceptions Color Scale Placement Logo Usage with Partnerships Lockups Social Icons Typeface […]



Skype is a voicechat software connects people from anywhere. Skype’s brand guideline is friendly, far from formal language. It’s extraordinarily long but easy-to-read. The brand guide includes: Illustrations Mission and Vision Logo Versions (Printed and Online) Brand Colours and Typefaces Logo Do’s and Don’ts Strapline Examples Speech Bubble Usage Logo with Partnership Logos