Define & maintain Brand Guides online for ultimate consistency. 

Agencies and in-house brands can simplify their brand integrity process.


Breakthrough leads you through defining all the key elements of your Brand.


Update and track changes to your Brand with instant distribution to your team.


Comment and discuss your brand elements for clarification and evolution.

Breakthrough leads you through your brand development process while giving you ultimate flexibility.

Define the colors that your organization uses for consistency and provide easy access to all of the values you team needs.

Define your fonts through selection of Google Fonts or upload of custom fonts with easy access to files and embeds.

Upload your logo files and examples of logo misuse to ensure that your team keeps consistency.

Document your legal name, DBA ( Doing Business As ) and the details for how the team should utilize the name.  Also define and trademarks or other legal requirements.

Provide sample imagery that can be utilized across your materials, properties and channels.

Define your Persona, Tone, Language & Purpose to clearly articulate how your organization should look, sound, and feel.

Outline your key value propositions to define what makes you unique in the marketplace.

Define your various brand extensions for how your company is presented.

Create any type of text, lists, or images to expand your brand guide to your specific needs.

Create Agency Love With Clients

Agencies build huge rapport with clients using Breakthrough as central source of truth for Brand Strategy.

A Shared Source of Truth

Give your client and your team access to brand strategy and brand guidelines - all up to date and representing true consistency.

A Place To Collaborate

Our discussion system allows you to narrow down to a single aspect of the brand and communicate.

Easily Shareable

Ready to bring in a third-party to support your services - give them quick access to everything they will need.

Go Beyond Your Brand

Breakthrough is way more than just Brand.

Software for


Define your key audiences and all the details to support marketing, sales and customer service.

Software for


Organize your mission, vision, why, SWOT and much more to get everyone on the same page.

Software for


Develop a robust library of messages organized by persona, type and status to help your team always use the right message.


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