Smarter, Shared Customer Profiles & Personas

Everyone on the team should know your audiences inside and out to deliver the greatest results.

IT Manager
Midmarket Manufacturers
Large Hospitals

Organize Your Ideal Customer Profiles and Audience Personas

Centralize all the audiences that your teams interact with and easily tag them.  The next time the team creates content, works on sales sequences or discusses customer retention they will have data and insights at their fingertips.

Drag & drop to build all your key audience data.

Utilize our built in frameworks and modules or create your own custom data - all organized exactly how your team wants.

Discuss ICPs and Personas with your team in real-time.

Collaborate and comment to share insights and explore your audiences to continually improve your audience insights.

Get AI insights to improve your audience understanding.

Breakthrough helps bring a new layer of insight through our powerful audience AI.

Gather data and insights directly from your audiences to enhance understanding.

Send surveys out to your customers or prospects and gather data associated to specific audiences to build more powerful profiles and insights.