Morning Breakthrough: Avoid Vanity Values

When it comes to core values, what we don't want to do is make them vanity values.

And what I mean by that is a lot of times people will create core values that are something they want to have the outside world perceive about them, but really have no meaning internally. What we want to do is create core values that have true meaning and create a foundation for the organization.

What we want to do is create core values that have true meaning and create a foundation for the organization.

I've talked before about core values being the way that you determine who are the right people on the bus.

  • How are we aligned as an organization?
  • How do we evaluate people to make sure they are the right fit?
  • How do we inspire folks?

And when you create vanity values that are more surface-level and don't actually resonate or reflect the organization.

It's something that can really hurt you in the long run because you are attracting the wrong folks, inspiring people in the wrong direction. And really for people that are part of the team, they don't feel that authenticity around, you know, what you stand for and what they do every day. 

When you're creating your values, make sure that they're strategic

They're really about what you want to be as an organization, the type of people that you want within your company, and how you want to inspire people to act every day. 

So avoid those vanity values and get extremely strategic.

So you're really smart about the foundation of your business.

Create Personas.
Define Your Strategy.
Build A Brand Guide.
Organize Messaging.

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