Uber's Brand Guide

Uber's Brand Guide

Brand Guide Info

Uber is a platform where those who drive and deliver can connect with riders, eaters, and restaurants.

Uber’s brand guide consists of 9 core elements and respective web pages. It’s elegant, detailed and well-constructed.

The brand guide includes:

  • Logo

    • Construction
    • Clear Space & Exceptions
    • Color
    • Scale
    • Placement
    • Logo Usage with Partnerships
    • Lockups
    • Social Icons
    • Typeface as Logo
    • Logo Don’ts
    • Legal Reminders
    • Applications
    • Localization Examples


  • Color

    • Color Palette
    • Specialty Colors
    • Color Don’ts
    • Application Examples


  •  Composition

    • Elements
    • Layouts
    • Grid Setup
    • Composition Don’ts
    • Composition Application Examples


  • Iconography

    • Icons
    • Badges


  • Illustration

    • Illustration Types
    • Illustration Composition
    • Color Palette
    • Illustration Don’ts


  • Motion Usage
  • Photography
  • Tone of Voice

    • Tone Examples
    • Writing Tips
    • Legal Reminders


  • Typography

    • Lockup
    • Typography Do’s and Don’ts


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