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Best Practices For Conducting Market & Audience Research

12 Best Practices for Audience & Market Research

If there's one thing businesses are constantly striving for, it's understanding their target audience. And in today's data-driven world, market research and analysis is a key part of that process.


But what processes, strategies and tactics can businesses use to paint a clear picture of who their audience is? What are the best ways to engage customers, gather data, and make sense of the findings?


If you've been asking yourself either of those crucial questions, then look no further. In this whitepaper, we've compiled some of the top tips, strategies and best practices for effectively conducting audience and market research.


Table of Contents (18 Pages Total):

  • Defining Your Target Audience
  • Collecting Demographic Data
  • Developing Target Personas
  • Conducting Competitive Analysis
  • Monitoring Social Media
  • Researching Keywords & SEO
  • Analyzing Web Traffic
  • Examining Customer Data
  • Discovering Common Challenges
  • Conducting Focus Groups
  • Administering Surveys
  • Interpreting Data & Findings